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Ep 18 – SCA here to stay! The fight to save Sydney College of the Arts

In mid-2016, the University of Sydney abruptly announced that it would be closing Sydney College of the Arts, its internationally-renowned arts school. Within the space of a few months,...

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Ep 17 – Years of rage: social conflict in the Malcolm Fraser era

In November 1975, the elected Labor Party government of Australia was sacked without notice by Sir John Kerr, the governor-general. Having single-handedly gotten rid of the elected government, Sir...

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Ep 16 – Resistance and rebellion in convict Australia

When the British Empire invaded Australia in 1788, the colony’s new ruling class had a problem – there was no pre-existing working class in Australia waiting around to work...

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Ep 15 – Fighting for the right to protest in 1970s Queensland

In 1977, the premier of Queensland, Joh Bjelke-Petersen, abolished the right to hold street protests. “Don’t bother applying for a march permit,” he declared. “You won’t get one. That’s...

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Ep 14 – How anti-racists defeated Pauline Hanson in the 90s

In 1996, newly elected politician Pauline Hanson swept to national prominence after making an extraordinarily racist and inflammatory maiden speech in federal parliament attacking Aboriginal people and Asian-Australians. In...

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Ep 13 – The Workers’ University: adult education in the Communist Party of Australia

In the 1940s, the Communist Party of Australia was approaching the peak of its power as the largest and most influential left-wing organisation in Australian history. The Communist Party...

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Ep 12 – Black Power in rural NSW: the 1973 Aboriginal cotton chippers’ strike

Wee Waa, in northern New South Wales, is at the centre of the cotton industry in Australia. Tens of thousands of hectares of cotton crops surround the town, which...

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Ep 11 – The Turkish socialist movement in Melbourne

In the late 1960s, thousands of Turkish migrants began moving to Australia as part of a wave of post-World War II immigration that permanently changed the face of Australian...

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Ep 10 – The epic story of mining unionism in the Pilbara

The Pilbara region of Western Australia is one of the remotest places on the planet. It’s also one of the most economically significant regions not just in Australia, but...

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Ep 9 – The Industrial Workers of the World in Australia

In the early 1900s, radicals and militant unionists across Australia founded the Industrial Workers of the World, arguably the most legendary left-wing organisation in Australian history. The IWW –...

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