Australian history isn’t made by politicians and the powerful – it’s made by ordinary people fighting together for a better life.

People’s History of Australia is a podcast and blog aiming to amplify those moments when ordinary people across Australia have made history – by coming together, overcoming the barriers and divisions that keep us isolated and atomised, and struggling collectively for justice.  

So much of the history that we’re taught focuses on the deeds of the great and powerful. We want to turn this upside down, and look at Australian history from the perspective of workers striking for their rights, Aboriginal people campaigning for justice and self-determination, the unemployed uniting to demand housing and food, people of colour, women and LGBTQ people struggling for liberation, and ordinary people across Australia, in all their diversity, fighting together for something better.

These moments show us that our history is more than just a small group of politicians and powerful people making all the decisions. They show us that time and time again, working people across Australia have stood up and made history themselves.   

All the rights that we have today are the result of these struggles. We owe it to ourselves to learn about them – not just for memory’s sake, but because if ordinary people like us have fought together and made history in the past, then we can do so again today.